Will you travel?

Hell yeah! Although I’m based in Kent, I have family all over the UK, including Dorset, Devon, Hampshire, Shropshire, North Wales, and even as far north as Lancashire and Newcastle. So I’m used to long car journeys and I’m always up for travelling for an awesome wedding! All I ask for is a bit of petrol money to help me get to you.

Do you do posed pictures?

If you want me to. Although almost all of my photography will be completely documentary, I appreciate that group or couples portraits can be just as important. So, if you’d like, we can take time out during your day to create some fun, relaxed, very informal portraits. I like to keep this under half an hour, so I recommend no more than 6 different groups. This means that your guests aren’t left wondering where you are for hours.

Do you shoot just black and white?

Nope, but I do love it! A lack of colour emphasise the emotions, action, or the play of light in an image. And as my work focuses on human connection and emotion, I tend to use black and white editing a lot. But, I will use colour when it’s needed to make a photograph come alive.

Do you use a shot list?

No. Your wedding won’t be the same as everyone else’s, so why would you want it to look the same? I treat each wedding separately. This allows me to capture the unique character of YOUR wedding so that the collection of images delivered to you will be tailored to your own individuality and not based off a generic tick list.

Do you have backup gear?

Of course. That’s my main excuse for buying more cameras! I shoot with two cameras and a range of lenses during the day. I’ll also have two backup cameras, backup lenses and lighting gear with me – although I prefer to use available light, it’s good to have these for an emergency!

Are you insured?

Certainly am. I’m insured through Photoshield, which includes Professional Indemnity (£100,000), Public Liability (£2,000,000), and covers all of my equipment.

How can I pay?

Preferably by bank transfer. But I also accept cash, cheque and card payments.

Are you a full time photographer?

Not yet… but I’m working on it! However, I haven’t just bought a camera and tried to make some money. I’ve spent seven years honing my craft and my style of photography to a point where I’m confident in my abilities in all situations.