Lizzie and Sam’s wedding was so much fun and had such an awesome family vibe. Here’s their village fete themed wedding on a farm in Sussex!


Lizzie and Sam got married this month at Sam’s dad’s farm in Sussex. They had their ceremony at The Oak Room, which is at the West Sussex County Council building in Chichester. It was such a fun wedding and the sun shone all day long!


Getting ready

Lizzie and Sam got ready together at their home, and the atmosphere was full of excitement. Lizzie’s mum and Sam’s dad were there to look after Lizzie and Sam’s little boy Henry. And to make sure he didn’t cause too much trouble while Lizzie and Sam got dressed!

Before we left for the ceremony, there was time for a quick glass of bubbles to celebrate – luckily I can operate my camera with one hand when required!



The ceremony

The ceremony was an extremely intimate affair, just the 6 of us in the beautiful Oak Room at the West Sussex County Council building in Chichester. There was so much love in the room, just look at those looks between Lizzie and Sam!

Towards the end of ceremony, Henry got a bit bored and started rearranging all of the chairs into a train. Thankfully the friendly registrars took it all in their stride.



The afternoon

The reception was held in one of the fields at Sam’s dad’s farm and it looked bloody amazing!

Lizzie, Sam and their families had decorated the whole thing themselves – the hay bales, the bunting, and even the old feeding trough full of beer! It was a village fete themed wedding, so they had also set up loads of traditional games around the field, including a coconut shy, welly wanging, and skittles. It was so cool!

Lizzie’s sister Emily made the epic triple, triple tiered cake, that managed to stand up all day despite the relentless heat. The cake also featured two little blue tits on top, which were also on Emily’s wedding cake.

For dinner they had a hog roast provided by Hog Squad, which was gobbled down in seconds by everyone, and they finished off the evening with a surprise visit from Pinks Vintage Ice Cream.



The best bit of the day for me was just how welcome Lizzie, Sam and their families made me feel – it really felt like I was just another one of their guests. Their wedding had such an awesome family vibe and it was great seeing and capturing all the little interactions between family and friends.


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