If you’re in the middle of planning your wedding and are looking for some inspiration on what music to choose… you might want to look somewhere else!!

But! If you want a little glimpse into my life, my musical taste and the music Zoe and I chose for our wedding way back in 2013 – then come and take a peak at our wedding playlist.

While I was putting this blog post together, I made a playlist of all the songs we wanted for our wedding on Spotify – check it out below.

A quick note about my Spotify user name – if you were wondering!! We had just got guinea pigs when I first set up my Spotify account, and Zoe was the only one who could catch them. I very affectionately named her the Pig Wrangler. So that’s where I got the name from!

All of the classic rock and Etta James were Zoe’s choices. All of the emo and pop punk….. that’s all me! The bits in between are where our tastes crossover and where our love was forged!

It’s amazing how much a song or a playlist can tell you about where someone is or was in their life. And how those songs can remind you of the things you were doing and how you felt at the time.

Clearly the Juno soundtrack features heavily. As do the band Hellogoodbye. These were the songs that held (and still hold) the most sentimental value to us.

It was definitely important for us to have a good party. So, a lot of the songs on the playlist aren’t sentimental at all. They’re just songs that we love rocking out to!! And if you’re not having a good time at your own wedding, then you’re definitely doing it wrong!

Here’s a little breakdown of the music we had for our ceremony and first dance….

First Dance
Here (In Your Arms) – Hellogoodbye

Ceremony Music
Have a Told You Lately – Rod Stewart
First Day of my Life – Bright Eyes
All I Want is You – Barry Louis Polisar (Juno OST)

Songs That We Love
The rest of the songs we sent to the DJ, who asked us for a list of songs to figure out our taste. One of the reasons we chose our DJ (shout out to DJ Paul!!) was that he had most of the songs we sent to him in his collection and was willing to play them!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my life. I loved going back through the songs on our wedding playlist. Reliving the memories of our first dance and rediscovering albums that I’ve forgotten about.

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