Laid-Back Wedding Photography

Do you feel out of place at wedding fairs? Are you constantly wondering what all the fuss is about with chair covers and table decorations?

Do you just want to have an awesome time with your family and friends, and have memories that you can look back on when you're old and grey?

then my style of photography is perfect for you!!



I capture images that tell the real story of your wedding day, rather than trying to complete a list of perfect Pinterest posed pictures (alliteration win!!).

I'm all about the emotional, romantic, fun-filled moments that make up a wedding day. Which means that I won't be bossing anyone around, or telling people where to stand and what to do, and I will definitely not be asking anyone to say 'cheese'!

I will photograph your wedding day in a completely informal and unposed style from a guest’s perspective, leaving you and your loved ones free to enjoy your day.


Key Takeaways:

- Honest, storytelling photography of your wedding day exactly as it happens.
- I’m super laid-back and informal, so I'll fit right in with all of your guests.
- No interfering, bossing you around or taking over your day.
- No cheesy props, awkward poses, or cringey staged photos.
- No interrupting, so I won't be constantly dragging you away from your friends and family.
- I capture all of the raw emotions, spontaneous moments, and all the fun, laughter and love.



If all of this sounds like your idea of wedding photography heaven, then come and see what it looks like!

Why Choose Me?

My approach is simple and unpretentious. I won't ask you to pose for hours on end. I'll take some group family shots if you like, but for the majority of the day, I'll focus on the real relationships between you, and your family and friends.

I'm fun, friendly and super laid-back. And I just want you to have the best possible photographs from your wedding!

I like to think of myself as the ideal person to hire when you're not interested in having a "wedding photographer" bossing your around and getting in the way.

But instead, want someone relaxed to document your special day in a stress-free way so that you can remember exactly how it felt for years to come.



"We had the pleasure of Jordan photographing our wedding and I can not recommend him enough! He is a complete gentlemen who has captured the most amazing moments of our day. Such utterly beautiful photographs that will keep the memory of our day alive!"

 - Emma & Jamie Bruckner

Enough With The Words,
Let Me See Some Pics!!

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